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Blocked Drains

It’s difficult for a household to function properly with clogged drains, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, which are used so regularly.

At Aquatech, we have all the right tools and understanding to be able to solve these problems for you. Our drain unblocking service is performed by highly-skilled tradesmen. They will be able to clear the blockage using our machinery, as well as use a camera to inspect the condition of the line and to make sure the blockage has been cleared.


The kitchen and bathroom require fully-operational plumbing to function properly. A common reason that results in a blocked sink in the kitchen, is not getting rid of excess food waste before rinsing and washing the dishes or washing down grease or fat from cooking.

In the bathroom, hair and dirt are the primary reasons for the sink to become blocked, as they can bind to grease and even corroded pipes, causing clogging. A build-up of toilet paper is the main reason for a blocked toilet, but there could be something more serious going on in your main sewer line, don’t try DIY, just call the experts.

A blocked drain outside the house can be a nightmare for homeowners. All the wastewater from the home flows through your home’s sewer line. When the line becomes blocked, waste will be unable to flow through, and depending on the severity of the blockage, can cause waste water to overflow either outside or even inside the home. We offer a sewer drain cleaning service that ensures we can clear the line of the blockage, ascertain the cause, and give feedback on any permanent solutions you may require to avoid any blockages recurring.

It’s important to have your drainage system checked. The problems that may occur have the potential to cause devastating damage to your property and health.

Downpipes carry rainwater from gutters and are connected to the property’s main storm water system. Debris and dirt from the roof can be washed down into the downpipes and can cause blockages; in heavy rainfall, this can cause the water overflow from the gutters, but more importantly, can cause water to come back into the house, resulting in water damage.

We take pride in knowing that our drain cleaning service is efficient and effective. Whether you’re having drainage problems inside or outside of the home, we are fully-equipped to resolve any issues. We want your home to provide you with the comfort and optimal functionality that you deserve.

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